Candy from a Vampire by Faith Hunter

Publisher: Published on blog
Released: 2016
Received: Free on Faith Hunter’s blog
Rating: 3.5


Candy from a Vampire is a short story told from the perspective of Leo Pellissier. It takes place between Blood in her Veins and Shadow Rites. It can be read out of order, but I would strong suggest reading up to Blood in her Veins to avoid minor spoilers.

Candy from a Vampire does a good job of explaining a few things in a short amount of time. Leo views everything like a business, or at least he tends to view everything as something he can change, influence, or own. Seeing inside his head allows us to see this in action; something as simple as a trick-or-treat event is actually a clever ploy to make humans less inclined to feel negatively towards supernaturals (start that belief young and you’re golden).

The other bonus of this short story is seeing how Del managed to climb the ranks as quickly as she did. I always assumed it had something to do with what Jane said to Leo, but now it’s confirmed. Jane telling Leo off resulted in him re-evaluating all of his employees and how he treats them. This directly caused Del’s promotion, as he realized she was wasted on menial tasks. Fans of Del will be happy to hear that she without a shadow of a doubt earned her job.


About Liz

I am an avid animal lover, photographer, graphic designer, and much more. I love to create art, and am willing to try and artistic technique at least once. I am particularly fond of artworks involving a lot of emotion and color. The purpose of my blog is for me to be open and honest with myself and the world about my attempts to grow as an artist. The facts: My favorite color is constantly changing, so don’t worry about trying to keep up with that! I’m in my 20’s, married, and looking to find the perfect job for me (ideally something that can involve my creativity or my love of animals). I have 6 cats (If we’re being technical, I have 2 cats and my parents have 4), a bearded dragon, a parakeet, and two betas. I adore all of them, and they frequently are my photography models. My blog will primarily be consisting of my 365 (366) photography project, updated daily (hopefully). I’m also working on a 52 weeks project, where I try a new type of photography style or technique each week. That will be updated as the photos are processed.
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