Throwback Thursday: Thors by Jason Aaron



Publisher: Marvel
Released: March 22nd 2016
Received: Own
Rating: 4 kitty rating


I went back and read this after having finished reading Unworthy Thor and realizing I had missed out on some of the continuity. I am so very glad I did! In Doom’s world, there’s a Thor for every star in the sky (or rather, the stars the used to be in the sky). These Thors act as the first line of defense, and as police and investigators. I think it’s safe to say that out of all the things I expected from Thors, it was not a police drama!


Spoiler Warning

Thorlief, AKA the “Ultimate Thor” is the primary character for this volume. He’s investigating a series of murders, along with his partner Beta Ray Thor (I know, I love it!). The investigation takes an even darker turn, and eventually causes Thorlief to question the world as he knows it.

Being only four issues long, it’s difficult to comment on much without giving everything away (some surprises for the readers are always fun). So once again I’ll just focus on the highlights. Like the fact that I have no doubt that Loki had figured out everything that was going on, and was doing what Loki does best; meddling. Well, that and lying, but in this case I think he was pretty peeved that somebody had out-lied him, and he wanted revenge for that (because obviously).

I may be in the minority here, but I absolutely loved this volume. It’s hard hitting and fast paced, and it sure as hell didn’t pull any punches. The second I read that the people being murdered were in fact the same person, just in different worlds, I knew exactly who it had to be. I almost wish I wasn’t right, but honestly it really does hold up with the series, and explains why Thorlief’s world came crashing down around his shoulders.

Having already read Unworthy Thor, I know just how well these two volumes tie together, and I’m having some serious trouble not fan-girling all over the place about that. I just love it when series tie together like that. Also, I had not been intending to read Secret Wars, but now I’m a little bit tempted…we’ll have to see if I cave after all.


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