Confessions of a Bookaholic: Stacks and Stacks of Books

Confessions of a Bookaholic

Hi, my name is Cat, and I have too many stacks of books hidden throughout the house.

Stacks of Books

Books waiting for a home

Seriously, it’s getting a little bit ridiculous at this point.

Book Stacks

Another stack of books waiting for me to finish

I officially ran out of shelf space sometime near the end of last fall. Naturally that didn’t stop me from buying more books. It probably should have, but I just can’t say no to keeping up with the new releases (I have nothing against digital copies, but when I want to be able to loan a book to my friends I’ll buy a paperback).

Stacks of Books

It’s so bad. I didn’t realize how much I was taking my bookshelves for granted, until I ran out of space. Now my new releases are piling up on my desk, on top of bookshelves, on any spare surface I can find (I officially can’t see my dresser anymore…).

Does anybody else have this problem? I can’t be the only one!


I’m in the process of getting my own room as a library (yay!). The problem is that in the meantime I have to make do with what I have. The soon-to-be-library room needs a lot of work. And I mean A LOT of work. The paint in there is so old that it’s basically three different shades, thanks to the light source. And that’s the least of it. So we’re looking at a month or so before I can more bookshelves in and buy more (according to the space).

Obviously in the long run getting that library together will solve all of my problems. But in the short term…well I’m having some issues.

Stacks of Books

Here’s my real problem right now: I had to take down one of the bookshelves. It had to be done, unfortunately. That means that where I had been beyond maximum capacity before…I’m there now, plus one bookshelf load on top of that.

Man, I really underestimated how many books can fit on one bookshelf! I won’t be getting that bookshelf back until the library is set up, either.


Ideally I should go through my books and find some to donate – I know I could easily fill a few boxes that way. But I’ve been putting that off. In my head it makes more sense to fill those boxes as I’m moving books into the library. You know, so I only have to move all the books once. But realistically it may not work out that prettily.


So, long story short: I need to organize my books, set up my library, and donate as many as I can bear to part with. And we all know that is easier said than done. Wish me luck!


About Liz (AKA Cat)

I am an avid animal lover, photographer, reader, and much more. While my photography blog is feeling a bit neglected at the moment, the other sites I'm involved in are going strong. ✧I review books, comics, and basically anything else in the literary world over at Quirky Cat's Fat Stacks (of Books). ✧I review comics and books, as well as write content for Word of the Nerd. ✧I review comics for Monkeys Fighting Robots. ✧I write content for Screen Rant and CBR. ✧I write book reviews for The Review Crew.
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