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Review: The Dearly Beloved by Cara Wall

The Dearly Beloved is the debut novel of Cara Well. It’s also irrefutable proof that sometimes a work of love can truly turn into something great. Cara Well spent fifteen years working on this novel to get it to this point. And it truly shows. This is a poignant and touching novel, written beautifully and polished to shine. Continue reading

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Review: Cursed

Cursed is a retelling of some of the events that occurred during King Arthur’s tale. Or more accurately, it’s a twisted version of the tale. In this story, it isn’t a King the Sword desired, but a Queen. Enter Nimue. Her entire village was slaughtered, sending her off on a quest for survival and revenge. And she can only hope that she has it in her to change destiny and save her people. Continue reading

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Review: The Philosopher’s War by Tom Miller

The Philosopher’s War is the second novel in the series by Tom Miller. And it is an epic sequel by any means. This is a world where magic exists in the form of Philosophy. It’s also a female dominated practice, due to their innate talents. Continue reading

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