New Comic Book Day Roundup

Immortal Hulk

Here’s all the comics I read that came out today. I don’t want to flood my blog with a million posts, so here is a list of links to my reviews. Some will be on Goodreads and others will be on Comic Bastards.

Aspen Comics:

Portal Bound

Boom! Studios:

Giant Days

DC Comics:


Green Lanterns

Wonder Woman Annual

Image Comics:

Eternal Empire

Prism Stalker

Scales + Scoundrels


Immortal Hulk

(I actually read more Marvel comics than this, but none of them appear to be on Goodreads just yet, so I’ll have to be patient).

Since this is my first comic roundup, feel free to say what you think about how I’m doing things. Have a better idea for how to manage this? Please share! I’m not sure I’m  happy with it, but I’m not coming up with a better solution at the moment.