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Review: The Socialite’s Guide to Murder by S.K. Golden

So I went into The Socialite’s Guide to Murder with high expectations. Also, I needed a new cozy mystery series, so I had my fingers crossed that this would be it. While I did like the book, I can’t pretend to have been head-over-heels for it. Continue reading

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February BOTM Options and Choices

Have you guys heard about BOTM (Book of the Month)? I’ve been signed up for years, but the recent changes they have made have resulted in me getting pretty hooked, to say the least. For those that don’t know: BOTM is a subscription service that offers five (see below) selections each month. Readers get to choose the book they want – plus two extras. There are a bunch of add-ons for readers to choose from as well. Continue reading

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Review: You’re Invited by Amanda Jayatissa

You’re Invited is one of several BOTM books I grabbed last month, and I have to say that I’m pretty happy with my selection. Written by Amanda Jayatissa, this novel is a winding thriller with many surprise twists and turns. Continue reading

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