Review: Ghostly Things Vol. 1

Ghostly ThingsAuthor: Ushio Shirotori
Series: Ayashi Kutogatori #1
Publisher: Seven Seas
Released: September 14th, 2018
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 3 1/2 kitties

I received a copy of Ghostly Things Vol. 1 through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Ghostly Things Vol. 1 is the first in a new series titled Ayashi Kutogatori by Ushio Shirotori. This series is sweet and endearing, yet full of all the dangers and stakes of the afterlife itself. Here spirits and one human girl have found a way to live in harmony, for the time being.

Yachiho has just moved into a strange new house – all by herself. She may be of school age, but she is very responsible. Perhaps that is why she isn’t so surprised by the spirits living within – or the requests and demands they make of her.

Or perhaps it’s because of the quest that Yachiho has been sent upon. One that very well may have prepared her for this very day. Though no amount of training would have taught her the level of kindness she uses towards the spirits she interacts with.

Spoiler Warning

Ghostly Things Vol. 1 is such an endearing and cute read, I honestly can’t get over it! Yachiho is a sweet girl who seems to take everything in stride, from living alone to being neglected by her father, all the way around to stumbling upon the spirit realm. I wish I had been that poised at her age. Oh well.

This was a fun and relaxing read, but one that had some intriguing surprises, twists, and implications in it. I’ll confess that I am extremely curious about Yachiho’s backstory. Especially the elements regarding her father and this quest that he may or may not have sent her on. But I’m sure the series will get to that in time.

As far as the artwork is concerned, it’s utterly charming. There’s a lot of classic representation here, in the way the spirits are portrayed. But I personally loved that decision, as it allowed us to focus on the how and why of it all. The cover should give you an excellent idea of what to expect in that regard, though do remember that most of these pages won’t be in color (naturally). They’re still quite beautifully drawn, and worth checking out!

I really enjoyed Ghostly Things Vol. 1. I was a little worried that it would end up a little too melancholy for my taste, but I needn’t have concerned myself so. The story was surprisingly upbeat, even given the context and backstory. And that made for a compelling and entertaining introduction.

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  1. Wow this seems really interesting. Definitely worth a peek, and I’m glad you had fun!

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