Review: At the End of Your Tether

At the End of Your TetherAuthor: Adam Smith
Artists: Jim Campbell, V.V. Glass, Hilary Jenkins
Publisher: Oni Press
Released: February 11th, 2019
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 3 kitties

I received a copy of At the End of Your Tether through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

At the End of Your Tether is a unique graphic novel that comes from the same minds that brought us Brick and Paper Towns. If you’re a fan of non-linear time-traveling plots, then this is absolutely the tale for you to check out.

Set during the summer of 1997 (mostly), this series is one that will make you ask questions. Ludo Carre is used to traveling around the world, jumping from one base to the other. He knows how the base homes feel, and even has a theory about why they were designed that way.

But none of that could have prepared him for the journey he was about to find himself on. And it all started the moment he met Arlo. Arlo is a charismatic girl; the ideal nerd-girl who is confident and passionate.

So her disappearance was as shocking as it was devastating. Ludo is not the type of person to let the world change around him – he’s always been inclined to beat his way through things and people, given the opportunity. And thus he is poorly equipped to dealing with this sudden and painful change.

Spoiler Warning

I’m going to be honest here; I didn’t like At the End of Your Tether nearly as much as I was hoping or expecting. It wasn’t a bad read, by any means. But I also feel like it didn’t reach its full potential here.

Non-linear storytelling is tough to get right, but when it is done right it can be absolutely mind-blowing. That wasn’t quite the case here. While the storytelling style did an excellent job of obfuscating the truth, it left me feeling like the waters of the story got muddled along the way. It was so close…just not quite there.

I will say that the artwork in At the End of Your Tether is without a doubt my favorite part of this graphic novel. Which isn’t surprising, given that it was the cover that originally caught my attention, to begin with.

I loved the art style used. In many ways, I feel like the artwork exceeded the story, both in the application and in the way it elicited emotions. I would happily read a dozen other stories with this artwork, if given half the chance. I loved it that much.

At the End of Your Tether may not have been the read I was hoping for or expecting. But it was still a graphic novel that made me think, and you know how much I appreciate that sort of thing. And it certainly was a memorable reading experience.

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I am an avid animal lover, photographer, graphic designer, and much more. I love to create art, and am willing to try any artistic technique at least once. I am particularly fond of artworks involving a lot of emotion and color. The purpose of my blog is for me to be open and honest with myself and the world about my attempts to grow as an artist. My other major passion is reading. My TBR pile is larger than I'll ever be able to read, and yet I can't resist adding to it on a nearly daily basis. I love to read science fiction & fantasy, graphic novels, and pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I have a couple of blogs, as you can see. One is primarily my photography, while the other are my book reviews. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out!
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  1. Thanks for sharing. I don’t really get into graphic novels as much as I’d like, but this cover is stunning!

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