Review: Ms. Marvel Vol. 10: Time and Again

Ms. Marvel Vol. 10Author: G. Willow Wilson
Artists: Nico Leon, Ian Herring
Publisher: Marvel
Released: March 27th, 2019
Received: Marvel Unlimited
Issues: Ms. Marvel 31-38
Rating: 4 kitties

Ms. Marvel Vol. 10: Time and Again is the last volume in this current run of Kamala Khan’s character. But don’t worry! The series has already been rebooted. I’ll confess that I’ve been reading that series as each issue comes out, even though I wasn’t up to date with her backlog. Woops.

This volume is full of lots of different adventures for Ms. Marvel. It also wraps up most of the major plot arcs of the series so far – for obvious reasons. On the whole, Kamala’s adventures in this volume are a bit lighter in tone, giving us a chance to relax and get to see more of the character behind the mask.

The conclusion of Ms. Marvel Vol. 10 also marks the end of G. Willow Wilson’s run on the series. I’ll be sad to see them go – what they’ve done for Kamala’s plot and character cannot be ignored, or thanked enough.

Spoiler Warning

Ms. Marvel Vol. 10 was a fun and slightly more casual read. And it was everything I’ve come to expect from Kamala and her series. It’s always been interesting to see how she balances all of the different parts of her life. Plus, her series itself is a balancing act; being both full of powerful moments and cheerful subplots. It’s no wonder I fell so hard to this series; alongside hundreds of other fans, mind you.

There are several main plotlines in this volume, but if I’m being honest? My favorite was probably the silliest one. Kamala is trying so hard to be a normal girl, and that means it’s time for a sleepover. But the universe is never content to let a hero relax. And thus she’s constantly sneaking out of her own sleepover to be a superhero.

What follows is a series of events that can only be described as hilarious. The cameo from Lockjaw is perhaps my favorite, for obvious reasons. But I also adored this plot for the realization that Kamala had at the end of it all. I think this is exactly where Kamala needs to be, at the end of the day. She’s just got to be herself, through and through.

The other plots were interesting and fun too, of course. And enlightening. I never would have guessed at how Kamala’s powers actually work. It’s intriguing, and a subject that I hope will be explored in future issues.

Nico Leon and Ian Herring were the lead artists behind the artwork in Ms. Marvel Vol. 10, and I adore what they did here. As I mentioned above, the first plot in this volume is full of lots of superhero shenanigans. And thus it was probably the most difficult set of scenes to portray. And yet I love what they ended up showcasing.

All things said and done, the artwork behind Ms. Marvel is perfect for the series. It’s light and colorful, and isn’t afraid to show emotions. And let’s not forget all of the powers that had to be represented here.

I’m sad that this run of Ms. Marvel has come to an end. I loved what G. Willow Wilson had been doing here, so it’s always a shame to see something like this end. But that’s the cycle of comic book heroes. At least we get to know that Ms. Marvel continues on in The Magnificent Ms. Marvel. That helps.


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