Review: Moth & Whisper Vol. 1

Moth & Whisper Vol. 1

Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Released: April 16th, 2019
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 4 kitties

I received a copy of Moth & Whisper Vol. 1 through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Moth & Whisper is a new cyberpunk/thriller graphic novel, and one with a very appealing name at that. The series follows the child of two famous thieves, one known as Moth, and the other known as Whisper. But what does that make their child? Unfortunately, it seems like they’ll have to figure it out for themselves, because the parents have gone missing.

This was a captivating tale of sleuthing, spying, and infiltration. So if you’ve ever wanted a spy series in graphic novel form, this is one to check out. Oh! And did I mention that the main character is genderqueer, as advertised? Love it.

Spoiler Warning


Moth & Whisper was a fun and thrilling read. I loved the setting, the plot, and the characters. So, basically, I loved everything about this one. I couldn’t help but find myself captivated by the missing Moth and Whisper, and the child they left behind to solve the mystery.

Moth & Whisper is set in what appears to be the far future – with lots of technology and government/business oversight. It’s a dark and disturbing world – despite how bright it may appear to be.

Niki was a fascinating character. They grew up in a world where only their parents had seen their true face. Can you imagine how that would feel? And then to lose your parents and not know the why or how…it’s no wonder Niki didn’t follow their orders to keep their heads down and not start a search.

Niki’s quest set off a chain of events, thus giving us the plot at hand. It was fun to read, and even more interesting to see this new world that Niki lives in. I loved the technology shown. It was very sci fi-esque, while not going too far out of the realm of reason. A nice balance.

The secondary characters in this graphic novel weren’t as fleshed out as Niki, but I’m not sure they needed to be. Granted, I do still have questions about a couple of them, but that just shows my level of interest. With any luck future graphic novels (if there are any) will cover more about these two.

I’m really happy that I took a chance and read this volume. I don’t know if it’s going to be the only one or not (I haven’t heard anything about a second, but that doesn’t mean much), but I find myself hoping and looking forward to seeing more from this world.

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