Review: Glint Book One: The Cloud Raiders

Glint Book 1

Publisher: Lion Forge
Released: March 12th 2019
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 3 1/2 kitties

I received a copy of Glint Book One through NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Glint is the newest graphic novel from Lion Forge. It’s the first in a trilogy, but honestly, it could also be read as a standalone as well if you were so inclined. They got Samuel Sattin (Legend) and Ian McGinty (Adventure Time) for the creative staff, which is pretty impressive.

Glint is set on a different world – one that is dying. The people of this world have gone to drastic measures to survive, understandably. Meanwhile, their society is slowly starting to crumble away. Naturally, it’s those on the fringes that are suffering the most, while the wealthy are still managing to thrive. I’ll give you three guesses as to how that works.

Spoiler Warning

Glint was a fun and interesting read, on the whole. I’ll confess that it did take me a little while to really get into the story, but once I did I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed the pacing of the book. There was a lot going on, and a lot to be said during it’s time, but it never really felt like things were being rushed. I can’t stand it when it feels like a book (or graphic novel) is rushing me along with the story. Give it time to be organic. Glint didn’t make that mistake – though I do sort of wish more time had been spent letting us get to know all of the main characters involved. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I never really did feel like I knew them all that well.

I especially loved the artwork for the series. The bright colors and art style worked amazingly well together. It sort of reminded me of The Dark Crystal, only with more pink and overall brighter tones. I personally liked that reminder – in fact, I’m probably going to end up watching the movie again soon because of this. So thanks for that!

This volume is supposed to be the first in a three-part series. Honestly, I think it could have worked either way. They concluded the plot in such a fashion where if it had been standalone it would have made sense. It makes me wonder if maybe the first volume was written ahead of the other two? At a point where maybe they didn’t know how many volumes it would get? Just a theory. Still, I’m happy that they’re getting three volumes out of it.

I’m looking forward to the next story in the world of Glint. I’ve intentionally avoided any news about it, so don’t go spoiling any surprises for me! I’ll be interesting to see what they decide to do next though. I can’t wait.

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