Review: The Flash Vol. 8: Flash War

The Flash Vol 8

Publisher: DC Comics
Released: December 18th 2018
Received: NetGalley
Issues: The Flash 46-51 The Flash Annual #1
Rating: 4 kitties

I received a copy of The Flash Vol. 8 in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Wow is there a lot that happens in this volume! Okay, I know. I really shouldn’t be surprised by that, considering it’s the Flash and all. But still! I’m always impressed by how much they’re able to fit into just a few issues.

This is one of those volumes you want to read if you’re looking to see multiple Flash characters as well as other DC characters all interacting with one another. Personally, these are my favorite plots. I love watching the different teams interact and problem solve.

Spoiler Warning

This was an intense volume, so consider yourself warned. The title of the volume probably warned you well enough though. Then again, considering how many alternate Flashs there are, it may actually not be all that telling.

If you’ve been following either The Flash or Titans then you already have a pretty good idea of some of the trauma that Wally West has been going through as of late. It must be so incredibly rough to lose your memories. Worse to have everyone forget you. Being stuck somewhere in between? That’s where Wally is. Though he kind of transitions between them. It isn’t a great life, but that seems to be the sort of luck he’s been given.

So it makes sense that eventually that mess would come around to bit him, and everyone else, in the butt. I’m just surprised it too what, at least six volumes? Though I have to admit that I do love it when they let a plot lie in wait for a while. It tends to add to the impact.

There were so many heartbreaking moments in this volume, all thanks to Wally and the memory/alternate life he lived. I honestly don’t know how I’d feel if I were him, or what any of his friends and family could really say or do to help him. It’s not like there are magic words that will make it all better. Much as we wish that wasn’t the case.

It was fascinating bouncing back and forth between the present and the time altered future. I loved seeing what changed and how. The whole butterfly effect in action, you know? Even though it absolutely made it a little harder to bear.

Barry Allen is a great Flash. He’s human, and humans make mistakes. I love superheroes that have flaws, it makes them more interesting. It sometimes feels like everyone holds Barry to this impossible standard, so inevitably they end up getting let down. It seems harsh, but it also allows for the complicated character that Barry is.

One more thing before I finish this review. I know that the volumes are typically behind the issues, which means this conclusion came out months and months ago. But I’m fairly certain that the final part of the volume ties into what happened in the (spoiler warning for a new current series) first Heroes in Crisis series. Which I’ve been reading. I can’t even begin to tell you how much that hurts my heart. If you’ve been reading the series, or at least seeing the outrage about it online, then you have a good idea of what I’m talking about.

I’m looking forward to the next volume of the Flash. I really want to see how Barry manages to patch up all the relationships in his life, and what will end up happening with this new version of Cold. I guess I’ll have to be patient in the meantime…


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