Review: Giant Days Vol. 9

Giant Days Vol 9

Publisher: Boom! Box
Release: January 19th 2019
Received: Read as single issues
Issues: 33-36


Have I mentioned how happy I am that Giant Days has had such a long run? Here’s hoping it continues for a long time! Here we have volume nine, and it’s a bit of a doozy, so settle in! For those unfamiliar with the series I strongly recommend going back to the beginning first; while a lot of what happens in this series is on a personal level, the events from the first volume to this volume have changed the way each of our characters reacts to the world around them; seeing that progression is not only pretty important, but really enjoyable.


Spoiler warning


There is so much going on in this issue it’s almost hard to deal with. What I think it the really notable part of this volume though, is the conclusion. There has never been a cliffhanger like this one, which is saying something.

We’re back to the drama of everyone trying to find a place to live, but unlike last time our girls aren’t planning on staying together. Daisy has plans to move in with Ingrid, Suzie with McGraw, and Esther…well she’s freaking out, and rightly so. Part of the problem is all of these decisions were made pretty late in the year, thus giving Esther little notice. Though if we’re being honest here we all know Esther would have put it off until the last minute anyway.

Moving in with your partner is a pretty scary part of life. I mean, look at Suzie and McGraw. They seem perfect together, and yet they’ve broken up twice now. So you can understand why that move would be intimidating. For the record I’m totally rooting for them, and not just because I couldn’t stand to see them break up again.

Likewise this would be scary for Daisy. Ingrid is her first girlfriend which is huge. They’ve been dating the better part of the school year, which relatively speaking isn’t that much time. Daisy caved under the pressure Ingrid put on her to move in, but really, is that any way to take the next step in a relationship? I personally don’t think so, and I imagine many would agree. I don’t think these two were ever going to be compatible in the long run, but that moment was when I knew they were doomed.

Everyone does their best to make adult decisions in this volume, which is super impressive, especially when you consider who we’re talking about. I’m not sure how it’s all going to play out in the end, and it’s weird thinking of everyone living apart…but I guess things must change.

Esther and Daisy probably have the most ‘screen time’ in this volume though Suzie and Ed also get their moments as well, so that’s something. McGraw really felt like more of an accent piece in this plot, but honestly I think he’d be okay with that.

The ending is what really threw me through a loop. I was not expecting a bomb like that to be dropped…and yet it did. To have it be the last page in the volume was just mean. Brilliant, but mean. I’m glad that I’m reading this by the issue, so I don’t actually have to wait for the next volume to come out. Waiting for the reaction to this one would be torture.

I still can’t believe that Giant Days is going as strong as it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m absolutely thrilled by it. I guess I’ve just gotten too used to the amazing series ending sooner than I was ready for. This is a fantastic change of pace, all things considered.


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