Throwback Thursday: Giant Days Vol. 6

Giant Days Vol 6

Publisher: Boom! Box
Released: October 24th 2017
Received: Own
Issues: Giant Days 21-24
Rating:  4 Kitties

Daisy, Suzie, and Esther are back for another volume. The last one showed us them moving into their own place and all of the drama that can come with it, but there’s still plenty more to come! What I really love about this series is that while the circumstances they occasionally (read: frequently) get into are sometimes out of this world (especially Suzie – while I’m sure some people have that many arch nemesis in real life…) the three of them are just so human and down to earth. It’s hard not to feel affectionate for them, especially after all this time.

Spoiler Warning

It’s kind of hard to believe just how many plots they can fit into each of the Giant Days volumes. This volume is no exception to that, if anything I think it’s brimming with more plot, story, and characters than ever before.

The girls are still living in their (mostly lovely) house together, but that comes with some inherent risks, such as having a burglar break in while they’re all out. Now this is pretty much a homeowner’s (or renters) worst nightmare, but that seems to be especially so for Daisy in particular. You see, the burglar didn’t just take the replaceable stuff…he also took the only mementos Daisy had left from her parents. I can’t even begin to imagine the heartbreak that Daisy must have felt upon that realization.

Obviously the girls won’t let this stand, and one thing leads to another, and before you know it they’ve found themselves tangled up in multiple fiascos, because well, they let Suzie lead. Need I say more?

As if their lives haven’t been rocked enough by recent events, Ingrid shows up out of the blue, courts our little Daisy, and causes all sorts of mayhem. I sort of like her as a polar opposite to Daisy. She may be good for her, in a way. Help to get her out of her shell, you know? But I have concerns for how long a relationship with two such extremes will last.

This volume brought Suzie’ dad into the mix as well; we got to learn more about him and Suzie’s family dynamics (well, a bit). The grouchy neighbor also makes more appearances, and that one doesn’t end on a happy note, to put it kindly.

Again, I can’t stress enough how ordinary and human all of these events are, yet our girls manage to make it a fun and interesting story of their lives. Their reactions to the chaos help, of course. I mean, having a father visit and then hang around too long sounds pretty typical for college life, but it’s still funny and interesting here. It’s impressive.

This series has been so casual and so fun. It’s perfect for binge reading. I also think I’ll be happy once I’m caught up and reading it issue by issue, but since I’m not at that point I can’t actually say that for certain. Almost there!


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