Review: Animosity: Evolution Vol. 1

Animosity: Evolution Vol. 1

Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Release: June 12th 2018
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 3 Stars

I received a copy of Animosity: Evolution Vol. 1 in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Animosity is an interesting series; it’s set in a world where all of the animals on the planet, from the smallest to the largest, suddenly and all at once gained sentience. It’s the story of the fallout from that; how human society would react to it, and how the animal societies would develop.

This series immediately caught my attention, because in a way it reminded me of Y: The Last Man, but with a totally different twist to it. Obviously it also resonates with the story that Animal Farm was trying to tell. It had the potential to be harsh and brutal when needed, but tell an uplifting story should they decide to do so.

Spoiler Warning

I went into this series really hoping to like it, but also aware of the fact that I might not be able to finish it. Side note: my friends and I have a scale that says how safe a series is for me, based on what happens to the animals in it. The higher the rating is, the less likely I’ll be ‘allowed’ to watch/read it. So I knew this series had a very high risk of being up on that rating, but I liked the concept enough to give it a go anyway (and yes, the rating is unsurprisingly fairly high, however the cartoonish style to the animals does help at times).

The concept really creates a lot of interesting questions and food for thought. What would happen is animals could suddenly say “no, I’d really rather that you didn’t kill and eat me, thank you very kindly.” Would the humans respect that? What about other animals? Would the wolf listen to the rabbit, or even care? And if everyone somehow agreed to not eat each other, what on earth would we feed everyone? Fruits, grains, and veggies can only go so far, can’t they?

And that’s not even considering working animals, beasts of burden, and pets. However, that’s quite a bit to think and worry about, so I’m just going to stop there (though I’d like to think that my cats would still love me, and would have appreciated all the expensive food and toys I’ve bought them over the years…the neutering/spaying not so much I’m sure…).

The story did touch on these concerns a little bit, with food and breeding restrictions (which makes sense, if the predators aren’t eating the prey, then prey populations would get out of hand and eat up all of the food). It also touches upon how humans and different species of animals would coexist.

I do like that they didn’t feel compelled to lump all of the species together; dogs and crows and all sorts of other species didn’t agree with the ruling decisions being made, even if their own kind was involved. Though apparently dolphins are just pure evil? We didn’t see enough of them for me to be sure of that statement.

I also enjoyed the fact that they had smaller animals helping out with more delicate work, as electricians and surgeons. This actually makes so much sense it isn’t even funny. But that’s beside the point.

I mentioned above that I felt this series was high on the animal rating scale, which is the truth. However I would like to stress that it isn’t the reason why I didn’t end up loving the series. Though I’ll admit I’m proud of myself for reading it through to the end – there were a couple of scenes I found particularly trying. However, if you’re like me and don’t like seeing animals (of any kind) get hurt…you should rethink reading this one.

I think in the end the series tried to tell us too much too quickly, and everything just got lost in the process. Do I think this series has potential? Absolutely. Would I try reading the next volume, should one come out? Probably not. But that has more to do with how I wouldn’t like to keep seeing animals get hurt, more than my opinion of the plot.


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