Review: Noble Vol. 2: Never Events

Noble Vol 2

Publisher: Lion Forge
Released: April 17th 2018
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 2 Kitties

I received a copy of Noble Vol. 2 in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Noble Vol. 2 continues the saga of David, AKA Noble, and his attempts to gain back his memories while simultaneously trying to gain control over his powers. This series is part of a bigger universe that Lion Forge has created in an attempt to counter Marvel and DC’s universes. If you’re curious about that, look into Catalyst Prime a bit more and you should find everything you need!

Spoiler Warning

I actually feel really bad that I didn’t end up liking this series more than I did. I can’t even express how much potential this series has. Plus I want a new company to come out with a comprehensive universe to counter all of the big names out there (come on Lion Forge, I still have faith that you can do it!).

The characters are pretty decent, they just need some rounding out, I also feel like we should be given more reasons to care about them and root for them (besides the plot they’re in). They just feel a bit too flat as they stand right now. But the potential is there. They’re unique, they’re diverse, and they could totally be a power couple given half a chance.

I love the artwork and character designs for this series. Noble and his suit look absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately the plot so far hasn’t supported him well enough for that to go anywhere. I haven’t seen a suit look that nice in a while though, so I do hope they sort things out, as I’d love to see this series take off.

It hurts that this series isn’t as good as I keep hoping it is. I excitedly read the first volume, hoping it’d be a hit and help launch Catalyst Prime. Then I read volume two, hoping it’d at least sort out the issues from the first volume. I’ll probably read the third volume too, should that come out. I just can’t bring myself to give up on this series.


About Liz (AKA Cat)

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