Review: Megatokyo Volume 4

Megatokyo Vol 4

Publisher: CMX
Released: June 21st 2006
Received: Own
Rating: 4 kitty rating

Megatokyo volume four contains chapters five and six from the webcomic series (confusing, I know). Like the last few volumes, it also contains a bunch of bonus materials; such as the place holder images on sick days, short jokes and comics, and even a short story (Circuity).

In the last volume of Megatokyo is felt like they had finally found their rhythm, no longer having to establish the world or main set of characters. Instead they were able to focus on the characters, their antics, and their cute interactions with each other. I am pleased to say that it is the same for this volume.

Spoiler Warning

There’s actually quite a lot that goes on in this volume…though now that I think about it the majority of it is character interactions and development (which, admittedly is my favorite sort). A few of the plots being built up finally come to a head (like Erika’s past finally be revealed), while new ones appear to be getting their groundwork.

I’ll admit, there are times that I can find Largo really annoying. In the earlier volumes in particular I found myself tempted to skip ahead when a page was dedicated to him. Now that isn’t the case; he’s grown on me, sure, but it’s also that I’m finding his plot more interesting. Instead of having Largo running around doing stupid things…well…okay that STILL happens, but now they’re actually related to the main plot, so it works.

There are so many romantic subplots in this series; it’s actually pretty hard to keep track of them all. Previously all the plots were focused on Piro and the girls circling around him like vultures (he finds them about an intimidating, so this is an oddly accurate comparison), but now Largo suddenly has one too. I’ll confess that I actually find Largo’s potential romance to be the most compelling (and no, I won’t spoil it for you, so if you want to see the pairing read the series…or just google it).

I’m sure we all have a favorite ship for Piro, and it would seem that the creative team does too. One of the girls gets the most focus and attention, which makes sense. Her character has also had the most development, so she’s currently the most interesting character that’s currently courting Piro (though there are a couple of characters that are borderline courting him that are personally interesting – even if I wouldn’t ship them).

This volume had me laughing out loud at multiple points, and it was a fun read. However the short story at the end is a real tearjerker, so consider yourself warned. I can’t wait to start reading the next volume and see where these plots go next!

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