Review: White Sand Vol. 2


White Sand Vol. 2

Publisher:Author: Brandon Sanderson
Release: February 20th 2018
Received: NetGalley
Rating: 4 kitty rating

I received a copy of White Sand Vol. 2 in exchange for a fair and honest review.

I love the worlds that Brandon Sanderson creates, so obviously any graphic novel series he works on I’m going to be all over it. The story fits into the world of Cosmere, and the adaptation into the visual world is striking. I love the particular art style chosen for the series – it fits perfectly with the world and story being told (it even looks gritty and desert like).

Spoiler Warning

The second volume is the continuation of the plot started in the first volume, though this one is more politically driven than action driven. I personally enjoyed this deviation, as it allowed us to get to know the main characters more, as well as seeing more of the side characters and potential antagonists (in a political story, I feel like every character is a potential antagonist).

The perspective focuses mostly on Kenton of course, though Khriss gets some focus as well. I’ll admit that while I do feel bad for Khriss (losing her fiancé without really getting any answers or sense of closure); I’m more intrigued by Kenton and his world. I love the Sand Masters and am fascinated by the political strife they’re finding themselves in. It’s almost comical to see just how badly Kenton needs Khriss’ assistance in all things political; he just doesn’t get it. Though he does try, which I give him credit for.

I’ll confess that volume two is a bit slower pace than the first volume. At least it feels that way at times. There are still plenty of action scenes to be had (remember, a lot of people dislike the Sand Masters and Kenton in particular, and that tends to result in assassination attempts in a world like this). Still, I’m enjoying the buildup for what it is. For me, the action doesn’t mean as much without the buildup taking the time to explain what’s happening and why it’s important.

My one complaint about this volume was the sudden change in art style for the last issue. Maybe it’s because I loved the previous style so much, but the transition was jarring and almost off-putting (but not quite, thankfully). It lost all the textures I loved, and the colors were more vibrant (which I may grow to like, but I certainly didn’t like it upon its first appearance). I hope future volumes go back to the original style, though I don’t dislike the new one enough to let it prevent me from reading them should it stick with this one (mostly because I love the series).

I’m curious to see how all the political plotting is going to pan out for the Sand Masters. Will the deals and changes Kenton and Khriss made be enough, or is it too little too late? I’m actually a little bit anxious for the next volume, which is a shame, since I have no idea when it’ll be out. Hopefully sooner rather than later! (I know; I’m greedy like that).


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