Review: Lumberjanes Vol. 8: Stone Cold

Lumberjanes Vol. 8

Publisher: Boom! Comcs
Release: February 20th 2018
Received: Single Issues
Issues: 29-32
Rating: 4 kitty rating

I read this volume in single issue format.

While the wait for the next volume pretty much felt unbearable, we’re finally there! (Okay, I cheated and ended up reading the single issues, but really, can you blame me? The series is so good!). I keep wondering/worrying that we’re going to see the end of the summer on the horizon, but based on some of the theories forming about time dilation I’m starting to feel a little safer about this series. I don’t see it ending sooner than it wants to (though perhaps it’ll do what Gothic Academy did and have ‘breaks’ but always come back to the story, just a year later? It’d be interesting to see how the girls/guys would change after a year away).

Spoiler Warning

I’ve loved this series from the first moment I read it, and I can safely say that it hasn’t changed. The Lumberjanes are still the characters we know and love, though their expanded group is steadily growing (take Barney joining the Lumberjanes camp last volume), which I actually kind of love.

This volume takes us back to focus more on Greek mythology again, which is fun and full of puzzles and riddles (because of course) and brings Diana and some Gorgons along for the ride. It’s great fun (of course), but also forces us to consider the idea of accepting and forgiveness, which is such a Lumberjanes thing to do.

While the main plot focuses on Diana and her family issues (which of course was the cause of this whole mess, because why not?) most of the Lumberjanes get a moment to shine, which is greatly appreciated. I feel like Molly in particular got some extra attention in this volume, giving us our first real glimpse of her family life at home (previously we’ve had nothing but hints and suspicions). Her family issues tie in well with Diana’s family issues, even if their root cause is completely different.

I’ve always loved his diverse and accepting the Lumberjanes are. I know some people would probably call some of the moments that occur because of this ‘sappy’, but honestly I just adore those moments. They’re so cute and sweet; it’s hard not to appreciate them for what they are.

The artwork for Lumberjanes was fantastic, as per usual. I sincerely hope the artist or art style never change, I’m not sure I could take it. I love the bolder shapes and color choices – it seems to really fit in well with the world that’s been developed.

So now I’m sitting here wondering when volume nine comes out, because I’m already impatient about that one. I’m so greedy! I think I’ll likely be fully converting to reading this series issue by issue, as clearly I’m having some trouble waiting the few months between each volume.



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