Throwback Thursday: Y: The Last Man, Volume 5: Ring of Truth

Y the last man vol 5

Publisher: Vertigo
Released: July 1st 2005
Received: Own
Issues: 24-31
Rating: 4.5

I’ve finally hit the halfway mark for Y: the Last Man! And before you ask, yes I am absolutely still hooked! The creative team behind Y is just amazing. Side note: I love that they’ve been abbreviating Yorick’s name to ‘Y’ for the titles. That’s something I should have brought up sooner, but hey, better late than never, right?

I’ve been forcing myself to read only one volume a week for this series, as I can absolutely see myself binging them all in a couple of days otherwise. Which considering how intense the subject matter is, I feel like maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea.

Spoiler Warning

There’s a lot going on in this volume, but it all pales compared to a few of the revelations that occur simultaneously. If you’ve been wondering when we’re going to start getting some actual answers (not to mention progress), well here you go. Granted, we still have no confirmation for any of these theories being correct, and some of them seem pretty out there…but still, progress!

Along with continuing the main plot, there’s also two issues dedicated to character flashbacks. One is solely for Hero and her experiences (both before and after ‘the event’), and one for Yorick (he is the main character, after all). Though his also includes some current events as well. I’ll be honest; I wasn’t too thrilled to see Hero’s issue; mostly because I’ve found myself to be biased against her. So in a way this issue was well timed – I don’t think I would ever have accepted any character growth from her without having seen this first.

We’ve seen multiple theories about why all the men (minus Yorick and Ampersand) died so suddenly. From the necklace 355 is carrying, to the Rapture, to a clone baby’s birth (and death). I’ll be honest with you here, all of those theories sound pretty farfetched, to say the least. I’m more inclined to believe there’s a scientific reason for everything that happened. I believe the first theory may have a basis in science, though it’s pretty…longwinded and a bit convoluted, which makes me less include to believe it happened. The other two theories I’m inclined to dismiss right off the bat. One for obvious reasons and the other because there’s no way a virus born from a clone could travel that quickly and cause that effect (ie; male death) simultaneously across the world. They’d be a delay, there would have to be a delay. So I’m stumped. Maybe we’ll get answers in a later volume?

As for why Yorick and Ampersand of all people (excuse me, people and monkeys) survived? That theory I absolutely believe. The fact that the theory made Yorick have an absolutely hissy fit only further confirmed this theory to me. It’s hilarious, but it’s also sound reasoning. And personally, if I were Yorick I’d be relieved, not upset or angry. But that’s just me.

There are a whole lot of other events that occur in this volume, though in comparison some may argue about how major they are. Most of them do further character development, mostly for Yorick, but there’s a bit for 355. I’d like to say Ampersand got some time for character development…but I’m pretty sure you’d all know I was lying if I did.

I can’t wait to start reading volume six (Girl on Girl), but I’m going to keep my promise and wait until next week to read it. In the meantime I’m going to think further about the theories posited for what happened to the men, its fun food for thought, if nothing else.

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