Throwback Thursday: Y: The Last Man, Vol. 2: Cycles

Throwback Thursday: Y: The Last Man, Vol. 2: Cycles


Publisher: Vertigo
Released: September 1st 2003
Received: Own
Issues: 6-10
Rating: 4 kitty rating


Cycles is brought to us fans by Brian K. Vaughn (Saga, Paper Girls, The Runaways, Doctor Strange: The Oath), Pia Guerra (Doctor Who: The Forgotten, Simpsons Comics), and Jose Marzan Jr (Action Comics, Final Night, Nightwing), which is fantastic considering they’re the original team. I haven’t peeked yet, but I hope they remain the core team for all ten volumes.

Spoiler Warning

And so onward goes my journey to read through Y: The Last Man. It’s still been an emotional ride, though at this point I don’t think there’s any new warnings I need to bring up (though I have no doubt that’ll change in the future). It’s just as heavy as the first volume; half of entire population (human and animal) is dead. Cleanup is still in progress (lot of men without families to take care of that themselves, which is a sad thought, really). The creative team has done a wonderful job pointing out all the little details and changes that would occur from an event like this. This volume focuses on one in particular, but I won’t jump to that right yet.

The more I’m reading Y, the more I think I understand Yorick. It’s ironic, in a way, that he’s the one man that survived. His hang-ups about sex (and more importantly, sperm) could potentially be a huge hindrance in this case. I adore that he’s so dedicated to his girlfriend/fiancé, and that he doesn’t want to cheat on her. But dare I say there are other ways? There doesn’t need to be sex involved in order to have the human race get another jump start. Either he’s refusing to see it from this angle, or it legitimately hasn’t occurred to him. I’m not sure which it is here, but I am certain that it’ll be made clear in time.

Another thing I’ve learned; as with many of Brian K. Vaughn’s works, is be very careful who you grow attached to. In this post-apocalyptic world there’s really no guarantee of survival. I feel relatively safe being attached to Yorick (though I accept that there’s a good chance he’ll die in the end, or that his girlfriend/fiancé may be dead), Ampersand, and 355. I think I would riot if 355 or Ampersand died, more so for the latter. As far as I’m concerned though anybody else is fair game (and not because I wish it, simply because I know better).

I enjoyed the revelation about the town called Marrisville. Not only is it a unique twist, but it shows us there are so many other factors at play that can be easily overlooked. How many women were in that situation but were instead left there? It’s a horrifying thought, and frankly one I wish Yorick had thought through (though truly it’s likely too late for them even if he did put two and two together).

I’m curious about where things are going to go with Hero. Without the continued brainwashing, if she going to revert back to her normal self, or is she going to become the new antagonist? I could see potentially stepping up and taking control of the Amazons. I think that could possibly make them more dangerous too, which is saying something. I’m not sure how I feel about that to be honest. Hero is quickly becoming one of those characters you love to hate.

Oh! And the final revelation? The one that only last a couple of pages? I’m so happy about it. It makes sense, as well as being statistically likely. I can’t wait to see where that leads us, or how quickly they become major characters (if at all).

I can’t wait to start reading One Small Step, luckily for me I’m majorly behind, so I can hop right to it after I finish writing this review. The advantages of reading older series, I suppose.

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