Throwback Thursday: The Runaways Vol. 10: Rock Zombies

Runaways Vol 10


Publisher: Marvel
Released: April 21st 2010
Received: Own
Issues: Runaways 7-10
Rating: 3 kitty rating


I’m still working on getting caught up! Ten volumes down, one to go! Not counting Runaways spin-offs and cameos, that is. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to finally get to this series.

Runaways volume ten brings some good news/bad news as far as consistency is concerned; they kept Terry Moore as the author, but the artists change, even within the volume itself. I wasn’t particularly fond or attached to the new art styles, so I’m not terribly upset about losing them. We’ll have to see what volume eleven brings for artwork.

Spoiler Warning

I have to admit that volume ten was not my favorite of the series – though the last issue in the volume was probably one of the funnier ones. The negative: The plot felt kind of blah and not as well detailed as previous points; it’s basically a collection of one-shots (minus the first couple of issues, which are wrapping up previous plots). The positive: Nobody leaves/dies, which is a nice change, and there are a few X-Men cameos, including Wolverine.

All of the build-up with Chase’s boss finally comes to a head, bringing along with it a hoard of still-alive zombies (yeah, very counter intuitive there!). Karolina has to spend a bit of time talking Chase out of squishing the zombies…seeing as how they’re real people and all. Ultimately things get resolved pretty quickly – actually, I was expecting more of a fight at the end, which didn’t really happen, so even though everything gets tied up it still feels like there’s a loose end or two.

The last issue was by far my favorite of this volume, with cameos from the X-Men, most notably Emma Frost and Wolverine. Wolverine and Molly interactions always leave me cracking up, and this one is no exception. It appears that the Runaways is the only team that can put up with Molly’s constant chattering – though I get why a group with psychics may not enjoy being around her.

So while I didn’t love this volume, I am happy I’ve read it. Now just the final volume plus any spin-offs I missed (and thus will have to track down). Almost there!



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