Mystic Arcana Sister Grimm #1

Mistic Arcana Sister Grimm


Publisher: Marvel
Released: December 2008
Received: Marvel Unlimited
Rating: 2.5


I decided to read #1 of Mystic Arcana in order to continue following the Runways and their characters. In this case it’s just Nico Minoru. This little adventure occurs after the events in volume 8: Dead End Kids.

Nico is seen trying to sort through things a bit – listening to a priest/counselor’s advice and so on. This is mildly confusing, as it appears that Nico is with a different group of people and friends – but I have to ask, with what time? The team is constantly on the run, so they don’t exactly have time to stop and split up for a bit. The only time they do so is Captain America catches up with them and put them in foster homes -an event that occurs well before this. So the timeline is a little messed up and confusing here.

If one can get past those inconsistencies the plot itself is somewhat interesting. I won’t give it all away, but Nico is forced to deal with somebody from her parents past. Being only one issue long, the intro and resolution come up relatively quickly. So there’s minimal buildup and no time wasted on getting to the conclusion.

I wish I could better understand how this one fit into the rest of the Runaways plot, time-wise if nothing else. Anybody have any ideas or comments?


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