Harley Quinn, Vol. 6: Black, White, and Red All Over

Harley Quinn Vol 6


Publisher: DC Comics
Released: January 24th 2017
Received: Own
Issues: 26-30
Rating: 3 kitty rating


Black, White, and Red All Over is the final volume for Harley in New 52. Needless to say it’s been a wild ride (I mean, after all it is following Harley Quinn, what else do you expect?). We’re back in New York for this one, with a new character added to the mix, Red Tool.

Spoiler Warning

I’m just going to state the obvious here: Red Tool is an obvious rip-off/bit of poking fun at Deadpool, which I have nothing against – I just wish they had been a bit cleverer about it. The obvious nature of the whole thing made it funny at first, but quickly wore off. This would have made for a hilarious issue or two, but a whole volume (give or take an issue) was a little much.

Basically Red Tool is a victim of Harley’s insanity; he lost his arm and while going through surgery to have it fixed he found out he was sick (ring any bells?). The resulting treatment made him lose any sense of feeling. At least that is a bit different! Oh and they cut out a bit of his amygdala, so he basically can’t stop himself from feeling things (emotionally, that is). After all this build-up toward hating Harley, it’s suddenly revealed that he actually loves her and can’t stop himself from going after her.

I’ll confess that despite my slight annoyance with Red Tool there were some parts of his story that literally made me laugh out loud. Like the bit where he tattooed his phone number on Harley’s butt. Priceless!

I wish we had a chance to see more wrap-up about the Gang of Harleys or what was going to happen to the wax museum (the one Harley is running for Madame Macabre while she’s off helping Mason). I’m thinking Rebirth dropped too suddenly for the authors to have much of a chance at wrapping everything up, but I could be wrong. Still a shame.

The final issue is a collection of short one-shot stories, ranging from a page or two to a couple of handfuls. They’re all pretty hit or miss, being either really good/funny or not so much. As far as a series ending goes it’s a bit disappointing, which further cements my theory that it wasn’t intended to be the ending.



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