Serenity: No Power in the ‘Verse

Serenity No Power in the Verse


Publisher: Dark Horse Books
Released: August 8th 2017
Received: Own
Issues: 1-6 plus “Serenity: The Warrior and the Wind”
Rating: 3.5


Serenity: No Power in the ‘Verse occurs after the events of Serenity (the movie, that is). I assume most fans have probably seen it by now (and if you haven’t, I strongly urge you to hop on the couch and watch it now. Seriously). I started reading this as it released by the issue, but the wait between months was killing me, so I ended up switching to the volume instead (get the waiting over with all at once).Side note: There are other comics about Firefly, but while they amazing you don’t actually have to read them to understand this, so you can always go back later.

Spoiler Warning

I mentioned above that I had started reading these in issue format. This caused me some confusion, since the first issue I read wasn’t actually included in the volume. I’m not really sure why though? It helps explain a lot of the backstory, as well as set up the antagonists. If you’re able, I would track it down.

I’m just going to get my happy-squee moment out of the way first (spoiler warning) Zoey got her baby! I was so afraid she would never have Wash’s baby, especially after what happened in Serenity (which I’m still not over, in case you were curious). So while I’m super happy for her about this, I have to admit some disappointment in her character at the end of the volume (you’ll see what I mean when you get there).

Things seem to be settling down for the Serenity crew as they all adjust to the changes. Which changes, you ask? Well first Anara is back on board, and fans will be happy with her new relationship status. Zoey is obviously missing Wash, but at least she has her baby as part of her family now. Simon and Kaylee are official now, but that was pretty obvious at the end of the movie. Jayne seems to have grown up some, though I think most people haven’t taken the time to look and realize that (maybe I’m reading into it?).  Jobs are more scare than before – most of the people they work with have been killed remember, so smuggling just got a lot more difficult.

Anara’s revelation was pretty mind blowing (it is also better read in context, in my opinion), though ironically it wasn’t the revelation I was expecting. The TDLR version is she finally reveals why she left (ahem, got booted) from the Companion Temple. Not quite sure where that bit of information leaves her relationship, but I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

As for the antagonists of the series? I find them interesting, but I also think I liked them a lot more courtesy of the backstory on them. I don’t think the volume did a good enough job fleshing them out or explaining what was going on in that case (which is also the exact reason I gave it a 3 ½ star rating instead of the 4 I wanted to give it).

No Power in the ‘Verse had an open ending, so I think it’s safe to assume that the story isn’t over yet. I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing how the Serenity crew adapts.




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