Throwback Thursday: Secret Wars

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Secret Wars

Publisher: Marvel
Released: March 15th 2016
Received: Marvel Unlimited
Issues: Secret Wars 1-9
Rating: 3 kitty rating


Secret Wars gives the backstory on the Doom Universe – something I didn’t have/hadn’t read up until now. I’ve seen it referenced multiple times, but I just hadn’t gotten around to reading the core plot yet. It does explain a lot of what I’ve seen elsewhere though, so I’m glad I finally made the time for it.


Spoiler Warning

All the universes in Marvel have collapsed, and apparently Doom himself figured out a way to save the remaining fragments and cobble them together into a (mostly) working universe where he is god. Yep, you read that right, a universe where Victor Doom is god. Needless to say that things didn’t go as smoothly as one would have liked.

There are a lot of differences in this new universe, such as an entire army of Thors (who act as the police and enforcers), as well as a strange political system based on location and might. The lords of these realms are allowed to bicker, in a very Game of Thrones manner to my mind. As if this wasn’t enough the lawmaker is none other than Stephen Strange, the only other person in this new universe that remembers what happened (apparently he was with Doom when he formed this universe, but chose not to get hands on, as he didn’t feel it was right – but apparently letting Doom do it was ok?).

To add to this pile of insanity are a few fun facts: 1.) There’s a wall (partially built using The Thing, Ben Grimm) that is holding back the undead, Ultron, the Annihilation Wave, and probably hundreds of other things. 2.) Sue Storm married Doom and her kids are now their kids? 3.) There’s no copy of Mr. Fantastic anywhere, we know because Doom looked (probably afraid he’d take his wife and kids back).

All of that is just the setting stage for the actual events that occur during these nine issues. Mr. Fantastic, T’Challa, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, and a handful of others managed to break into this universe from ours (or theirs? However you choose to look at it) that sets off a whole chain of events, eventually resulting in the universes being reset and things going back to the way they should be. Well, mostly. There are a few notable changes: Spider-Man (Miles Morales version), gets moved into the same universe as all the other heroes we know and love (because of a favor being owed), and Doom’s face got fixed (Mr. Fantastic took pity on him while he was resetting the universe – I think he was hoping this change would create more good in Doom’s life. Based on the events being shown in Infamous Iron Man, I can’t really argue with his logic).

So all in all it was a lot of pretty insane events (I didn’t even cover the battle that happened, nor even a quarter of the cameos) that ultimately ended in a few changes. It was an interesting read, but certainly not my favorite by any means.

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