Throwback Thursday: Saga Vol. 6

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Saga Vol 6

Publisher: Image Comics
Released: July 5th 2016
Received: Own
Rating: 4 kitty rating

The tangled webs of plot continue in volume six, bringing us most of the characters back and many more questions. As per usual, Vaughan does it with style and intensity. This really is one of those series where you can’t skip ahead on – so if you’re reading this review but haven’t read any of the previous volumes, go back to number one!


Spoiler Warning

There is a lot of events and information condensed into five issues. Hazel started kindergarten. How you ask? Apparently she, her grandmother Klara and one of the members of the Last Revolution get picked up by a Coalition patrol and then promptly dumped in one of their camps. The nice thing is that they are at least provided for while being kept there. The risk of Hazel being found out is very high of course, bringing danger to the three of them. It also depends on everyone keeping the secret, something Hazel doesn’t appear to be too good at (though it’s also super endearing, in a little toddler wanting to trust people sort of way).

A few new characters were introduced during this time, one of them appears to be hanging around, but I’m not so sure about the others. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Petrichor seems interesting, though I don’t know what their goal or endgame is. I don’t know if their strong nose is common for the species, or if its ability specific to them, but it was pretty cool to see them identifying people and conditions just from the smell.

Alana and Marko are kicking butt and taking names. Well, sort of. Alana is doing more of the beating up, because Marko is back to his peaceful ways. They’d been actively hunting for information about their daughter, and despite all the chaos and disasters that have been brought upon them the last few years; their relationship is still going strong. This was pretty inspiring to see, especially when you stop and think about all the odds against them.

The Will is finally awake again! Though we don’t see Liar Cat with him, which is disappointing and somewhat worrying. I’m hoping she’s just off with the girls (none of whom appear in this volume). By all appearances the Will is suffering from a drug addiction – specifically to a drug that allows him to see The Stalk again through hallucinations. He’s using the hallucinations both for company and as a form of self-torture. The whole thing is absolutely heartbreaking to see, if I’m being honest. He may or may not be starting on the road to recovery, we’ll have to wait for volume seven (or later) to see.

I had said after volume five that I was curious to see what Robot IV would do with his life next, and Vaughan answered! I’m very pleased to see he continued the new life he started, raising his son on the small planet with Ghus alongside. Speaking of Ghus, he’s pretty badass when he wants to be (though I was really scared they were going to kill him off there – that’s the downside of reading a series unafraid about refusing to pull punches).

So I basically devoured this volume. Luckily for me, I have one volume left before I’m caught up. After that though…I’ll have to switch to waiting volume by volume. I’m not looking forward to that! Though the series is without a doubt worth it.



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