Throwback Thursday: Saga Vol. 5 by Brian K. Vaughan

Saga Vol 5


Publisher: Image Comics
Released: September 9th 2015
Received: Own
Rating: 4 kitty rating

Brian K. Vaughan knocked it out of the park again with volume five. Plots converge, conclude, and begin again in this collection of issues, making me (and I’m sure other readers as well) pretty anxious for volume six. Luckily for me, I’m behind, so I don’t have to wait. I imagine this is going to get more painful as I catch up though (I’m not known for my patience).

I’ve always respected Vaughan for being completely unafraid to not pull punches. It’s not something you see every day. Additionally, he doesn’t overuse it; look at Game of Thrones (which I am a fan of, so please don’t consider this bashing) there’s so many character deaths in the series that they begin to lose meaning. After a certain point the reader becomes hesitant to grow attached to any of the characters, knowing their demise is imminent. Vaughan doesn’t do this. Yes, he will absolutely kill off a character as needed, but it doesn’t occur so frequently that there’s no surprise to it. I think it’s one of the many standout points for Saga.

Spoiler Warning

There are multiple plots circling around each other; we have Prince Robot IV’s plot, which at the moment is heavily entangled with Mark’s plot; there’s Gwendolyn and Lying Cat (whom I adore); Alana and Klara, and a few other smaller ones as well.

With so much going on, I’m going to stick to pointing out a few of the highlights for me. The first being the most obvious: Ghus is probably the cutest thing to exist in the history of ever. There can be no arguments for this, as I will not hear them. Not only is he adorable, but he’s actually pretty useful too, helping Robot IV and Marko track down the man that kidnapped their children (as well as Alana and Klara).

Speaking of Robot IV and the killer/kidnapper plot; I’m really curious to see where Robot IV is going to go now, what he’s going to do. Is he going to continue the truce, or is the start of the next volume going to be him turning on Marko? I’m hoping to see more of his character growth, which is still surprising to me. While I don’t exactly like him, I do want to see him grow as a person.

We finally got to see a bit more of Lying Cat. Though I’m pretty sure we could have an entire volume dedicated to her and it still wouldn’t be enough for me. It’ll be nice to see more of The Will too, though obviously it’s hard not to feel bad for him at this point in time.

All in all I can’t wait to begin reading volume six, and I am sure that it’ll continue to hold up as a series.



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