Saga Vol. 7

Saga Vol 7


Publisher: Image
Released: April 4th 2017
Received: Own
Issues: Saga 37-42
Rating: 4 kitty rating


I have to confess that I put off reading volume seven for a little bit; I was hesitant to catch up, simply because I knew the wait after would be that much worse (is it January yet?). The artwork is as beautiful as ever (Fiona Staples is the best), and the plot is supremely woven and completely unafraid in its refusal to pull punches.


Spoiler Warning

While this can really be said about any and all of the volumes, please be prepared for the feels in this one. It can and will make you cry (if what it did to me was any indicator at least). All the other volumes have been heavy hitters…but I feel like this one has the most of those scenes? Perhaps it just felt that way because I don’t have the “the next volume is waiting for you right over there” comfort, but I don’t think it’s that. This is one of those volumes that’s hard to comment on – it feels as though every event has an immediate backlash which would be considered huge spoilers (at least by me).

Hazel and family are forced to stop no Phang (a comet) to refuel. Considering the comet is constantly torn asunder by war (over the natural resources available if course), this is less than ideal. What should have been a couple hour detour turns into months, and the family becomes close to many of the refugees in the area.

The Will is having a tough time of things, though the good news is he appears to be kicking his drug habit; unfortunately not before it costs him his job. Sophie and Liar Cat both choose to stay with Gwendolyn over going with him, which while I agree with their decision was pretty sad to see.

Hazel’s voice-over during high impact scenes somehow managed to bring even more emotion and depth to what was going on. The blend is both morbid and beautiful, and just so masterfully done.


About Liz

I am an avid animal lover, photographer, graphic designer, and much more. I love to create art, and am willing to try and artistic technique at least once. I am particularly fond of artworks involving a lot of emotion and color. The purpose of my blog is for me to be open and honest with myself and the world about my attempts to grow as an artist. The facts: My favorite color is constantly changing, so don’t worry about trying to keep up with that! I’m in my 20’s, married, and looking to find the perfect job for me (ideally something that can involve my creativity or my love of animals). I have 6 cats (If we’re being technical, I have 2 cats and my parents have 4), a bearded dragon, a parakeet, and two betas. I adore all of them, and they frequently are my photography models. My blog will primarily be consisting of my 365 (366) photography project, updated daily (hopefully). I’m also working on a 52 weeks project, where I try a new type of photography style or technique each week. That will be updated as the photos are processed.
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