Throwback Thursday: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps

Publisher: Marvel
Released: December 1st 2015
Received: Own
Rating: 3.5

I’d like to state right off the bat that I am a huge Captain Marvel fan, so my rating this volume three and a half stars isn’t a bias against her. I actually really wanted to like it, but the world/universe was just a bit off for me. The whole premise is set in the Secret Wars world, so Doom is in control and there’s thousands of Thors running around policing everything, it’s one of the more interesting angles on it that I’ve seen, but it still isn’t my favorite Marvel universe.

Spoiler Warning

There are only four issues to the volume, so I’m a bit limited in what I can say about it. Captain Marvel is her usual self, and some of the cameos are pretty amazing. I’m sure I didn’t pick up on all of the subtleties and Easter eggs, since I haven’t read all (or most) of Secret Wars.

So from what I understand, Doom destroyed all of the stars making hammers up for his thousands of Thors. This resulted in a prohibition on speaking of them, or being curious about what is outside earth’s atmosphere. Obviously this didn’t sit well with Captain Marvel, a woman who is obsessed with exploration and flight. This ultimately comes to a head when Captain Marvel and her team decide that there are too many secrets here, and it’s time to move on; they modify their planes into spacecraft’s with the intention of leaving earth.  It doesn’t go that simply of course, but then there wouldn’t really be much of a point in reading it, would there?

As far as highlights go, Rhode was there, as well as that instant attraction he and Carol always seem to have. So that automatically adds a few levels of adorable to the issues. I absolutely loved seeing a young, rebellious Helen. I’ve wondered before how much trouble she and Carol would have gotten into in this universe, had they been similar in age, now I sort of have an idea about that.



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