Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur Vol. 2: Cosmic Cooties

Moon Girl Vol 2

Publisher: Marvel
Released: January 12th 2017
Received: Own
Rating: 3.5


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are back for volume two, with a new antagonist (sort of) and more crossovers (yay for Ms. Marvel!). Lunella is still bored with her school (I really want to see her get placed in a school that’s more appropriate for her intelligence, it’s painful to see her as it stands now), and her parents still don’t get her; so not much has changed on that front for Moon Girl.

Spoiler Warning

Volume one left us off with Moon Girl in the terrigen mist’s cocoon, with a very concerned Devil Dinosaur standing guard. I’ll admit that at first I really felt like they pulled the punch – she comes out of the cocoon with no physical changes to be seen, and any abilities left undiscovered. After having finished the volume I don’t feel that way quite so strongly – she does gain an ability from it, and currently it seems more like a curse than a blessing. I think she’ll figure out how to turn it to her advantage (the smartest person in the Marvel-verse should be capable of that), but for now we get to see her figure things out.

In my review of volume one I had stated that I hoped they’d switch out the antagonists – and my wish was granted (Ok, they had written volume two well before I wrote my review, but we can pretend!). Marvin (AKA Mer-vell) is a Kree boy going through some shockingly similar issues to Lunella (ok, minus the dinosaur and all; he’s having trouble being accepted for he is in a similar manner that Lunella faces). In an attempt to make his father proud he decides to target the weakest inhuman (clearly he forgot to factor in the dinosaur) and arrest her for being an inhuman (and thus abandoning her duty to the Kree). Granted, Marvin doesn’t end up staying an antagonist for long; despite this I think we’ll probably be seeing him again.

There were a couple memorable walk on’s as well. The totally awesome Hulk appears at the end, and has a revelation that’s probably surprising to everyone minus Lunella. The other walk on was Ms. Marvel. She’s become Moon Girl’s support structure throughout this process, which is actually pretty cool to see. I read through Ms. Marvel’s comics a while ago, and her support had been Captain Marvel, but now it’s come full circle and she gets to help out a new hero herself. I’m not sure how many more appearances she’ll make, but I hope for Moon Girl’s sake it’s at least a couple more times.



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