Throwback Thursday: Mighty Thor: Vol. 1: Thunder in Her Veins

Thor Thunder in her Veins


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Publisher: Marvel
Released: June 7th 2016
Received: Own
Rating: 4.5


Mighty Thor continues multiple plots started in Thor: God of Thunder, as well as in Thor Goddess of Thunder. Thor Odinson is missing, and it is up to the new Thor to try and keep the peace of the realms. With Agger and Malekith running around wreaking havoc, and Odin breathing down her neck, this is easier said than done.


Spoiler Warning

For a new Thor, she sure has a lot on her plate all of the sudden. Agger, Malekith, and the Frost Giants have formed an alliance, targeting one world at a time for their scheme of domination. Loki joins in too, but being Loki, his goal is less than clear. Odin and his brother as still hunting Thor as well; and have arrested both the All Mother and Heimdall for standing up to them. So for anyone that likes hating on Odin, now is a good time

Something happens that makes Odin back off – I won’t reveal what, but it’s pretty awful. It stops all of the infighting and ends the near civil war brewing on Asgard. For now at least, we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m uneasy about who is left running Asgard, and I feel that it will not go over well for any of the realms, allied or not.

I love seeing a cleverer Thor – it really brings out all the potential that has been missed over the years. It’s so satisfying to see her fight Loki and not fall for the same old tricks again and again. I’m ot sure how the fight on Alfheim would have gone if it had been Odinson instead, but I’m ok with not knowing.

There’s an epilogue included in this volume; and it hints towards the Unworthy Thor plot. Wherever Thor is right now, he is not there of his own volition. I’ll be curious to see who it is that holds him prisoner and why.


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