Unworthy Thor by Jason Aaron

Unworthy Thor


Publisher: Marvel
Released: June 6th 2017
Received: Own
Rating: 4 kitty rating

I think it’s worth noting that Unworthy Thor is the culmination (I think? Maybe it isn’t over) of several different Thor series that Jason Aaron has written over the years. I would recommend reading Thor: God of Thunder volumes one and two at the very least, as the antagonist from them is mentioned, a few times. Reading Mighty Thor: Goddess of Thunder and on is also a good idea, but it isn’t really required. Same for Original Sin. They all give additional context to what is happening to Thor and help to explain the struggles he has gone through to become unworthy.

I’ve been waiting for this volume for months, and I mean that literally. So I may have gotten my hopes up just a tiny bit too high for it. That being said, I really enjoyed reading it, and seeing how all the different series wove together to make this one.


Spoiler Warning

There’s another Mjolnir in play now, unfortunately Thor isn’t the only one who seeks to obtain it. The Collector and Thano’s minions also desire to get their hands on it, and they intend to do so by any means necessary. Having not read excessively on the Collector, I was a bit shocked by the brutality of his actions. I never deluded myself into thinking he was a good man, but this was more than that. I’m sure he’s not done with his plans though; I can’t see a man like him giving up.

So the real question everyone is asking is why did Thor become unworthy? I had my theories, and was essentially told all the pieces of the puzzle minus one before this point. I knew Nick Fury had whispered something to Thor in the heat of battle, and that something caused Thor to drop the hammer and thus rendered him unable to pick it up again. I didn’t know what was said, though I had my theories. One of those theories actually turned out to be correct – I’m not sure how I feel about that. Is it good writing that I was able to predict it, or bad writing? I’m leaning towards it being well written, but am open to comments disagreeing with me (I’d love to hear what other people thought of it).

Next question: so wait, there’s a second Mjolnir? Not a different hammer, but actually Mjolnir? That is correct. This hammer tore through into this universe after its owner, another Thor, died in battle. This Mjolnir is a true one, and it obliterates any unworthy of holding it, rather than simply refusing to let itself be picked up. I think this one may have come from the universe where Doom is/was in control and created hundreds upon hundreds of Thors? I’m not certain about that though. I may have to go read through more of that to be sure. Ultimately though, Thor chose not to pick up this hammer, as it wasn’t his hammer and it didn’t feel right. I’m curious to see who the new owner will be, in that case.

A couple other things worth mentioning; Beta Ray Bill gets an appearance, which was fantastic. I love his character so it was great to see more of him. Speaking of appearances, Hela also makes an appearance, while appealing to Thanos for help. I’m certain that alliance won’t be good for anyone.




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