Throwback Thursday: Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 4: The Last Days of Midgard

Thor Vol 4

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Publisher: Marvel
Released: December 9th 2014
Received: Own
Warning: Animal deaths
Rating: 4 kitty rating


The Last Days of Midgard wraps up the Thor: God of Thunder plotline, and readies for the start of the Mighty Thor and Unworthy Thor series. It’s worth noting that the Roxxon plot started in the Accursed has not wrapped up, and will continue into Mighty Thor as well. Technically you don’t need to read volumes one and two for this one to make sense, though I still advise that you do.


Spoiler Warning

Warnings first: the goats the Girls of Thunder ride into battle do not make it. It’s one panel and easily skipped – you’ll know it’s coming because it follows their first appearance in this volume.

Once again Aaron has managed to write a compelling series of events. Roxxon CEO Agger is determined to be on top, no matter the cost. Even (or perhaps especially) if that cost is Earth. Needless to say, Thor doesn’t tolerate that well and the two go head to head in this volume. It was really interesting to see Thor trying to deal with the legal ramifications for his actions (because obviously a CEO is going to lawyer up at every opportunity possible, right?).

Agent Rox plays a bigger role in this volume as well, so fans of her will be happy (meanwhile shippers of Sif and Jane weep). She’s part of SHEILDs new environmental team, and is basically the reason Roxxon got brought to Thor’s attention to begin with.

There’s a second series of events that the volume alternates back to every so often. It’s Thor at the end of time. We’re used to seeing him in the earlier volumes, so that’s no surprise. Despite the fact that the Earth appears dead (I personally blame Roxxon for this, considering what we’ve been shown so far) Thor is determined to continue visiting and protecting it. It’s quite endearing.

Now that I’ve read all of Thor: God of Thunder, I seriously cannot wait to see the conclusion to Mighty Thor. Is it August yet?


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