Ms. Marvel Vol. 6: Civil War II

Ms Marvel Vol 6

Publisher: Marvel

Released: December 14th 2016

Received: Own

Rating: 4 kitty rating


Ms. Marvel volume six focuses mainly on the issue of Civil War II, and while it isn’t a requirement to read the main plotline for everything to make sense, it does give additional context that is helpful. The basic backstory is that there is an Inhuman teenager who may or may not be able to accurately see the future (the precision is up for debate), causing most of the Marvel world to split into two sides: those that think we can use the information to stop crimes before they happen, and those that question the ethical nature of doing so.


Spoiler Warning

I’d like to state right off the bat that I am a big fan of both Captain Marvel, and Ms. Marvel. So seeing the hostility forming between them was pretty painful to me. I felt like most of their arguments could have been solved if they had actually sat down and talked with each other (I know, I know, but then where would the plot be?).

Despite being completely torn apart by seeing two of my favorite characters have a major falling out, I actually really liked this volume. I’ve always loved the perspective Kimila Khan is able to give the readers – she’s from a culture many of us do not get to experience firsthand, so it’s simultaneously refreshing and educational. Volume six continues with this thread, but includes more of her family’s history, which blended really well with the underlying turmoil Kamila goes through.

What I loved the most about this volume is that was saw some very real and possibly permanent consequences for the choices Ms. Marvel made. Admittedly they’re a bit heart wrenching (it is Civil War II after all), but I also feel that they were vital to the plot and to forcing Kamila to figure out who she is both as a superhero and as a person.



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