Throwback Thursday: Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 2: Godbomb

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Thor Vol 2

Publisher: Marvel
Released: October 29th 2013
Received: Own
Rating: 4 kitty rating


Godbomb brings the conclusion to the God Butcher plotline (AKA Gorr), and it is a dramatic finale to say the least. If you haven’t read volume one yet, stop reading this review and go read it first. It’ll help everything make sense.

Spoiler Warning

I’ll start by saying I don’t love the title of this volume. It feels silly and implies an easy conclusion, which isn’t the case at all. So don’t let the title turn your opinion, if you’ve like Aaron’s other works.

The three timeline Thors introduced in the last set are back again, and all are determined to bring down Gorr. This time it’s different though – they’ve all been pulled into the same timeline, allowing them to team up again him. I’m not sure why Gorr did something as risky as that – was he looking for a challenge? Did he get too cocky? Or was he setting himself up for failure? While the Thors fight Gorr, Thor’s granddaughters (who also got pulled into this timeline/location) rally the rest of the gods being held prisoner on the planet to fight back.

While I still really enjoyed reading it, I’ll confess that I didn’t really like Gorr’s solution for killing all the gods at first. A godbomb, really? Once it was shown how it worked though, I was more ok with it. It’s more like Gorr spreading the black he controls and using it to kill gods. And to make that worse (for the gods, not the readers), it can spread through time.

Having the three Thors in one place wasn’t confusing – as the three were very distinct. I felt it had been more confusing when the perspective as shifting between them in volume one, so this was a nice change. Plus it was both hilarious and kind of badass to see them fighting together. Or bickering with each other, as the occasion called for.

What I loved about it the most though, was that the seed of doubt was planted. It started small in volume one, with (present day) Thor doubting whether or not Gorr was in the wrong. Thor’s doubt continues, while Gorr’s doubt grows. It was really well done, and I’m positive it isn’t over yet either – I think we’ll see Thor’s doubt rear its head in later volumes too, perhaps even in Unworthy Thor?



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