Throwback Thursday: Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1: The God Butcher

Thor God of Thunder Vol 1

Publisher: Marvel
Released: June 11th 2013
Received: Own
Warning: Animal death
Rating: 4 kitty rating


God of Thunder volume one is the start of Jason Aaron’s extended Thor plotline, totaling in eight volumes (Thor: God of Thunder one and two, Mighty Thor one and two, Thor: Goddess of Thunder one, two, and three, and finally Unworthy Thor). So if you’ve been curious about where it all starts, you now have your answer. It collects issues one through five, and is therefore a very quick read.


Spoiler Warning

Quick warning first: Don’t get attached to the flying horse (or really anybody but Thor, with a title that has “butcher” in the name, it’s really better safe than sorry). The scene is only on one panel, so it is easily skipped.

The God Butcher is an aptly named title for this volume, as the main antagonist does just that (shocking, I know). Gorr rapidly becomes Thor’s biggest foe, spreading their battles out throughout centuries. I personally like Gorr as an adversary for Thor – it’s nice seeing Thor have to go out of his way and track his enemies down.

Thor is forced to investigate missing gods by using the library (gasp!) of all things, resulting in no end of amusement on my part. Very quickly we are shown just how effective and brutal Gorr really is; fully establishing him as a true opponent for Thor.

There are rapid transitions between the past (Thor on earth during the time of the Vikings), the present (self explanatory), and the future (the end of time). The transitions are sometimes jarring and confusing, and are the main reason I rated the book a four instead of a five star rating. The information gleaned from the transitioning back and forth is interesting however, so I’m glad they were added. I love that older Thor looks so much like his father in the end (and by that I mean the end of time Thor).

Overall I would say that Thor: God of Thunder was worth reading, and am looking forward to reading volume two – I’m the oddball that read the Mighty Thor and up before reading this, so I know where it ends up, but I’d like to see what happened in the middle.



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