Lumberjanes Vol. 6: Sink or Swim

Lumberjanes Vol. 6

Publisher: Boom!

Released: April 11th 2017

Received: Own

Issies: 21-24

Rating: 5 Kitty Rating


Sink or Swim is the sixth volume (so far) in the Lumberjanes series. After having read it, I can safely say that the series is holding up. Though really, what’s not to like? It revolves around a group of insane and kick-ass girls determined to do this their own way. Naturally the end result to this will be wild adventures.

I may be a bit biased in saying that I love the Lumberjanes series, as I am really very fond of the chosen art style for the series. Even with an artist change the style itself has remained the same, which is difficult to do, and I am grateful for it. Carey Pietsch managed to capture the styles of previous artists while still adding her own spin to things, and it works.

Spoiler Warning


Several new characters are introduced to us in this volume, and while it is implied that they all leave in the end, I have my doubts about never seeing them again. Everything is done very intentionally in the Lumberjanes world, so I’m sure it’ll all come back up again. If not, at least some fun adventures were had!

The volume’s plot is split in two directions this time: April, Jo, and Mal set out to  help end the fight between Seafarin’ Karen and the Selkies, while Molly and Ripley follow the Bear Woman through a portal in an attempt to learn more information about the selkies and how to deal with them.

As it turns out, the Bear Woman appears to have an alternate motive for allowing Molly and Ripey follow her, and that is Molly. Apparently she wants to become Molly’s mentor and train her as a future replacement or aid. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am by these implications. While Molly seems to have turned the Bear Woman down on her offer, I am certain that this is the beginning of a new, long term plot. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds.


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